Saturday, August 14, 2010

Shades of Envy by Suzanne Hurley will be released in November!

Suzanne's Hurley's latest Samantha Barclay novel, Shades of Envy, will be released in November 2010.  I was able to get a sneak peak of the exciting fourth installment of the Samantha Barclay series this week and I was pleased to be able to provide a review.  The review is below.  If you haven't yet read the first three books, make sure you do!

With her Sheriff boyfriend, Al, acting strangely, the town's beautiful new deputy trying to steal her boyfriend and a defiant student who refuses to let her help, Milton High School counselor, Samantha Barclay, doesn't know how much more she can take—that is until the murders start. And once again, Samantha's curious nature pulls her in to the middle of all the mayhem!

Suzanne Hurley's fourth Samantha Barclay novel, Shades of Envy, is packed with action, mystery, suspense, romance and of course delicious baked goods!

Hurley's detailed description of the people, places and things make you feel as if you yourself are Samantha Barclay, trying to solve the tragic murders of some of Paxton's beautiful, young women. Plus, you'll find that you can almost taste the home made food from Connan's, Paxton's only restaurant.

Hurley has an impeccable way of telling a story full of surprising twists and turns that makes small town Paxton, West Virginia more exciting than the big city. Don't miss out on this exciting fourth installment of the Samantha Barclay series!

Reviewed by Lesley Hager

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