Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Review of "Coincidence" is in!

I'm happy to report the first review of Coincidence is in and its a great one!  Thanks to fellow author, Suzanne Hurley, for her rave review of my book!  Coincidence will be released on November 1, 2010.  Published by Wings ePress.

Imagine meeting a guy and having an instant connection. You feel that you’ve known him forever! Your lips touch in a kiss that promises to be the best ever but chaos intervenes and you are yanked apart without ever finding out each other’s last name!

Such is the case in ‘Coincidence’, Lesley Hager’s exciting, new debut novel.

Samantha Montgomery sets off with her best friend Kate Mason, on their annual summer holiday at Blake’s Beach, South Carolina. There, Sam meets her possible soul mate, Sean, who is flying back to Ireland the next day. Due to a mess Kate is in, they are torn apart without exchanging vital stats - like names and addresses. They know nothing about each other except the magnetic pull, to be in each other’s arms.

‘Coincidence’ is about experiencing the possibility of everlasting love and taking risks to make that love come true. It is about being so taken with someone that you will search the world to find him. It is about two souls coming together as one, forever.

Ms. Hager pens a book that will satisfy your heart’s romantic inclinations. It is exciting as well as spell-bounding. This novel will have you rooting for Samantha as she sets out to find her love as well as search out information about her ancestors. Her descriptions of Ireland and the unique way the Irish speak, will sweep you up until you feel you actually are in this great country, living among the people there. This is a beautiful heartwarming story about love, family, ancestry and forgiveness.

So brew up some tea and settle down for some good reading. ‘Coincidence’ will have you racing to the end to find out if Sam finds Sean. Ms. Hager is an excellent writer and I look forward to reading more of her books.

Reviewed by Suzanne M. Hurley

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