Monday, July 26, 2010

Viola, A Woeful Tale of Marriage a good read

As a new Wings-ePress author, I was recently given access to the Wings Yahoo groups and connected with another fellow author, Katherine Pym.  Katherine's book, Viola, A Woeful Tale of Marriage was just released this month.  Katherine asked me to read her historical novel and provide a few comments she could include in her reviews and marketing which I was happy to do.  I'll have to say, I was pleasantly surprised!  Pym, much like myself, is an old soul--her soul being much older than mine...several centuries older to be exact.  I'm drawn to the early 1900's where Pym is drawn to the 1600's. Anyway, on to the book.

Viola is set in 17th century London and Pym does a wonderful job of bringing this century back to life and giving us a peek into that time period where religious strife and plague were the main concerns.  Even though we nowadays tend to associate that time period with puritanical values and actions, Pym provides us a world that is anything but.  Take a look--Viola is available in paperback and eBook, of course.

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