Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A rescheduling a day...

Seems like all I've done this year is schedule and reschedule stuff.  And, this week is no different.  After having to wait a few extra weeks for my Ireland immigration paperwork to be approved, I'm having to reschedule a book signing for this spring. 

Originally, I had planned on my second book signing to be on April 2nd at Taylor Books in Charleston, West Virginia, however, since I will be in Derry and not Charleston on April 2nd, I had to reschedule it.  I'll be back in Charleston on April 14th to pick up my fur babies so I've had to move the signing to April 23rd.  Same place (Taylor Books) and same time (1-3pm).  Bring a copy of Coincidence and come see me!


  1. Yippy for book tours! Sorry about all of the rescheduling, but seriously! BOOK TOURS! Congrats, lady!!

  2. Rescheduling sucks but sometimes it gives you something to look forward to!